Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ricotta Take One

Several weeks ago I made fresh mozzarella cheese from local milk. I saved the whey and a few days later used it to make home made ricotta. This is my story.

It's a short one, don't worry.

Re-heating the whey.
Despite getting two pounds of mozzarella from the two gallons of whole milk that I started with, I still had over a gallon and a half of whey. I first filtered out any leftover solids from the whey that I'd missed in the mozzarella making process, then heated the whey back up to 200 degrees.

I expected something visible to happen as it does with mozzarella, but no. It just got kind of foamy, and that was that.  I let it cool enough to be pourable, then strained it through several layers of cheesecloth. I let this drain for what ended up being several days (doh), and in the end, got well over a third of a cup of ricotta.
Pouring off the liquids - it took much longer than
I expected to go through the cloth!

I think if I'd specifically wanted lots of cheese, I'd do this again from whole milk not whey, so I'd get more volume. I'd heard that you don't get much after you take the majority of your solids out for another cheese, but I wasn't quite prepared for just how little I got!
The final product - creamy, mild, ricotta.

I'll post separately on what I did with my precious output...

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