Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dark Days Dinner #6: Breakfast for Dinner

This is the first meal of this challenge where I didn't really plan ahead to make the whole thing local. It just kind of happened by virtue of having the food around the house. It wasn't fancy, nor did it take long to make, but as most of these DDC meals have been, it was full of flavor and hit the spot in our hungry bellies at the end of the day.

Last night's meal was a simple frittata of home-grown onions, leftover spicy chorizo sausage from a farm over in Trumansburg (same stuff I used on the pizza a few weeks ago), potatoes grown in the next town north of us and eggs from our chickens. I cooked it in our home-made butter and thickened the eggs with cream from a local dairy.

The cheese I used was a "local" Havarti by way of Doug's mom, who carried it with her from Tillamook Oregon when she came to visit us for the holidays.

The best part about frittatas? The leftovers the next day...

Yummm. I love breakfast food!

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