SOLE Sources

Here are a few of the sources I've found for obtaining SOLE food in the Central NY area. As I find more throughout the running the Dark Days, I'll keep updating the list.

Cayuga Pure Organics, Brooktondale, NY
Organic Beans, Grains and Flour

High Point Farms, Trumansburg, NY
Grass Feed Beef and Free range Pork and Chicken

The Scheffler Farm, Groton, NY
Organic Beef and Organic, Raw Milk

The following is a link to a webpage of the New York State Cheesemakers Guild, where I found several sources of local cow and goats milk cheeses:
New York State Farmstead and Artisans Cheesemakers Guild

One of those cheeses that I also found at the Ithaca Farmer's Market:, Trumansburg, NY

Hillcrest Dairy, Moravia NY
Local, non-hormone treated milk, cream and cheese

Finger Lakes Fresh, Ithaca NY
Hydroponically grown greens (year-round), run by Challenge Industries at Cornell University

Online resource for finding local foods:

In general, I'm finding a lot of local foods (most of the above items, for example) at our local food coop, and they're great about labelling where the food is from, which is more than I can say for Wegmans (though to their credit they also carry a fair bit of local food!):, Ithaca NY
Shittake and oyster mushrooms, Trumansburg, NY
Pork Pork Pork!!!  :)