Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bright Winter Day

I suppose a real blogger would write up a wonderful little ditty to go with an entry like this.

Unfortunately, nothing more profound comes to mind than my realization that I need to appreciate even small moments of lovely weather, particularly when I can be with my family, so what you will get is photos.

This morning was a glorious, sunny but very cold winter day. GraMaMa had just sent a package with a great new cozy warm down snow suit for the bug. We HAD to go out and test it. 

Here are a few shots from our fun in the snow. 

The little bug and the ladies, out enjoying the sun.
The chickens LOVE the addition of the former Christmas tree to their run!

Happy happy boys on the slide.

It's a much softer landing at the bottom of the slide in the winter than in the summer!

DaDa in his glory - in cold weather with his son!

[Note the MaMa-sized down slippers on the little guy's feet; we left his snow boots at day-care, so this was the next best thing. Turned out that all those down feathers really do keep you warm.  How about that. The only issue ended up being his nose, which ran like the dickens in the cold!]

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  1. Adorable pictures Wendy! He's getting so big! We need some of that sun. It's been pretty gray and gloomy here and we are due. I commented on the comment you left me a couple days ago, but I don't know if it tells you that. There's probably a way to set that up, but I'm new to this too and I haven't figured it out. I'm glad you're doing DD with me. It's fun reading about all that you're cooking up. I want to grow celeriac too! I love it.


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