Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Very Fall Day

I love days like today.

You don't really have much planned going in to it, yet by the end of the day, you realize you've been busy for the whole thing and got so much more done than you even thought possible!

To top it all off, it felt so very much like fall today. October. The best month of the year, even in the rain!

The first few hours of the day were spent standing out in the rain at the Farmer's Market. Well, okay, I was lucky enough to have a tent over my head... but it was still damp! It was cold out, but spirits were high and the company of the other vendors was pleasant. Dad's broccoli was a big hit!
Trying to keep warm while selling honey,
broccoli and beans for my parents. Mom was
making a guest appearance at another local
market so I covered for her in Lansing. 
Doug covered for our "neighbor" for a few minutes and wouldn't stop chatting with me long enough to even take his picture. I put this in the post just so you can see the two figures in the background - that would be the little bug and his Bobbin - playing in the rain. Boys will be boys, right?

We got home and quickly got to work on a basket of apples - peeled, sliced and thrown in a crust with sugar and cinnamon and we had a pie. A few were prepped and went into the freezer while we were at it as well.

It's probably the ugliest pie I've made in a while (there's a reason you shouldn't try to piece together all the scraps and make another crust out of them...), but with a cold glass of milk or bowl of ice cream, as the case may be, it sure made for a good dessert!

After the pie was in the oven, I set to work to make some fresh mozzarella from some raw milk we got from a local farmer. I'd made yogurt with it before and it turned out fantastic, and was anxious to see how cheese would turn out. It was divine - stringy, salty, with a nice rich flavor that you just don't get from pasteurized milk. 

The cheese went strait onto some crust I'd set to rise before I stared, and after adding a few toppings we very shortly had dinner on the table!

Peppey-roni pizza with lots of cheese is a
favorite around these parts!
Finally, after the little guy went to sleep (one good thing about no-nap days is how early we can get him to bed!), we moved on to deal with the piles of tomatoes that were accumulating in the garage. We didn't get as much juice as I'd hoped, but this pot's pretty full and it will make at least a few jars of sauce after cooking down tomorrow!

And now, here I sit, happily ready for bed at 9:30 at night!

It was a good, full, fall day, for sure.

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