Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oregon 2011 Highlights

Here are a few highlights-in-pictures of our trip to Oregon last month. Our trip was fast and furious, but we are so glad we went. Time spent with Grandmama and Great-grandmama was fabulous, and we all feel so very much at home there. Coming back to NY was even harder than usual.

Thank you, Oregon, for the great visit! We can't wait to come back again...

The little guy got his very first "real" hair cut - had to look
good for Grandmama and Great-Grandmama!
Adjusting to flight was not really an issue...
SOME one is really getting into the "Say
Cheeeese" thing for photos lately!
Ahh... Tillamook Ice Cream!! (MaMa was
equally as happy, let me tell you!!)
Tillamook Cheese Curd!! Yumm!!
The highlight of the visit to the Tillamook
Farmer's Market was much more the dogs
than the produce! 
Beach Time!
Netarts Beach, Tillamook, Oregon.
Sprinklers at the park where we had a picnic with the
Cawlfield side of the family!
The alliance was quickly re-formed between Aunt Terry
and the little guy!
Cousin Kayla also became a quick friend!
It was SO good to see everyone -
it was a perfect (and delicious) picnic afternoon.
Three generations of Finks! 
One of the best parts of visiting Great-Grandmama was
the chance to play in her cool chair!!
Octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science
Center in Newport.
A B.E.A.U.tiful evening at one of the lighthouses in Newport.

No visit to Newport is complete without a visit here, of course!
New friends from old ones... 
Polar bear at the zoo - man was she big!
Choo Choo Train ride at the Portland Zoo!
Saying goodbye to Great-Grandmama was
very hard to do.
The Bug and Grandmama getting quality time at the airport.
Our little traveler - looking bright and
bushy-tailed even after our red-eye flight
home. More so than Mama, I'd say!
More photos for anyone who wants to see more than this brief tour can be found at: 

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