Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting the Garden Going

Yesterday I thinned my kohlrabi.

It nearly broke my heart.

I'm not sure why something that you know is good for your plants in the long run is still so hard to do, but it is.

Two things have made me feel better about this.

  1. I trimmed and cleaned the leaves of the plants I pulled out (see above picture!), and we added them into the most delightful salads - two nights running. They have a great cabbage-like flavor without being tough at all, and they're a beautiful almost lime-colored green to boot.
  2. Today we got about an inch of rain. After it stopped and as the sun was setting, I walked out to check the garden, and those kohlrabi? I swear to goodness they've grown four inches in the last 24 hours, and they seriously look "happy". I guess they like their new roomy digs!
I've updated a list of garden happenings on the Garden Notes page - check it out if you want to see what else we're growing around here!

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