Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrap Up

One great part of the Dark Days Challenge is that twice a month there are brief summaries with links to full write-ups posted on the Urban Hennery website. The summaries are grouped in batches of six to eight people each (randomly chosen, as far as I can tell), each written by a different volunteer, and I'm in "Group 3".

I can tell already that they're going to be a great source of inspiration and ideas!

Sadly, right now I need to go work on my Christmas inspiration.  I was so excited a few days ago, and now all of a sudden, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Maybe going and doing a little tree-trimming and "wrapping up" of presents myself might help?!

The Bug's self portrait and documentation of tree-cutting.
Thanks Gra and Bobbin for the perfect Christmas tree at JUST the right price!

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