Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gearing Up

This last month has been insanely busy, and I'm embarassed to say, more than a little stressful.  I have all but two of the big-ticket items on my to-do list done now though, and am looking forward to December, for so many reasons!

The Dark Days Challenge starts tomorrow (and the swiss chard in my garden might just have survived that last frost where I forgot to cover it - yippee!), a visit with old friends this weekend and a cross country trip for work next week. That last one is a curse and a blessing at the same time - I look forward to being in San Diego, but it will be the first time away from my little bug of a son in 19 months - can he (ok, can I?) handle it? Then later in the month, Doug's mother will be visiting for the holidays, and of course the holidays themselves.  Two weeks off from work, a house and bellies warmed by Christmas baked goods, the first snow fall, decorating the tree, the chance to visit with extended family... all the wonderful things that come along with the month of December!

Our little bug, catching up on the latest in Backyard Poultry News.
So in between the fits and starts of my computer working, I've been thinking some about what and where I'll get the food from that I'll cook these next months for Dark Days.  I've posted a few sites on the "SOLE Sources" page, and will add to them as I find more. I also have thought more about my local food exceptions (will write about that in my first "official" Dark Days post), and also about how I want to define "local". I wrote before that I'd use 150 miles. I'm thinking now that maybe I'll try something a bit different (and of course, more complicated - typical!). Depending on the food type, I think I'll use different ranges to define local.  Again, I'll spell it out clearly in my first post, but here's a map I made with various different radii that I'm thinking of using: 50, 100, 150 and 200 miles (from Lansing).

OK - gotta go get on those last two items on my list.  Only Four days until the moment of truth and they must be done!

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